If you are new to eQSO, please take a few moments to read the set-up notes. Set-up is simple. Just follow the 5 easy steps and you will soon be enjoying the benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications on eQSO.

You are now viewing the eQSO Help pages. You can return here at any time, simply by clicking the HELP/FAQ button on the eQSO program screen.

SET-UP HELP (Complete each operation in strict order).

1. Enter your callsign or SWL number exactly as it appears on your registration email (i.e. no extra spaces) in the callsign box in the bottom left hand corner of the eQSO screen.

2. In the "comment" box, delete the greeting "Welcome to eQSO" and enter your name and location -

e.g. "Alison - Chicago, Illinois. USA"

3. Click the "Register" button. A new window will open. Enter your password and key. Click the "Register" button. (Dont try to register before entering your callsign etc.) Not Registered? Click HERE

4. Next, (BEFORE going "on air") set your MIC level. Don't click anything - just talk into your MIC normally and adjust the MIC slider so that you can see 3 green bars lit up in the MIC Vu meter when you speak. There should be NO RED BARS at all.

5. Finally, click the "Connect" button. Your screen will fill with the details of all the users in room 101, including your own. The room may be busy with other users, or it may be empty except for you. To change room, click on the black arrow in the "Room" box. This will open a drop down menu of rooms.  Simply click on the room that interests you.  If you want to know what you sound like, select "AUDIO_ROOM" from the drop down menu. Now you can talk to yourself! Give your callsign and say "Testing". 2 seconds later you will hear a recording of what you sound like. Notice how many green bars you are lighting (this time on the Output Vu meter). Remember, no red! (More about Rooms and Procedures in the FAQs)

That's it, as easy as that! You are now ready for your first eQSO! But please realise that eQSO is unlike any other mode of communication, and if you want to avoid making any mistakes, it's a good idea to read the eQSO FAQs and HELP pages before making your first contact.

Enjoy! 73,

The eQSO Team.